NEW PODCAST: Integrating TelcoBridges Media Gateways with Metaswitch – with Alan Percy

Award Consulting has just published a new podcast episode featuring an interview with TelcoBridges CMO Alan Percy wherein they discuss:

1) the recent announcement of a partnership between TelcoBridges and Metaswitch,
2) TelcoBridges’ unusual approach of focusing on specific products, rather than trying to do everything,
3) Why a partnership between Metaswitch and TelcoBridges is good for TelcoBridges, for Metaswitch, and for their mutual customers,
4) and if telcos should be concerned about having too many vendors in their network

Listen to the podcast here.

After 8 Years – Price Increases are Coming

by Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

Tmedia Price TagOne unique attribute of TelcoBridges is that the company has been able to keep the price of Tmedia products stable for over 8 years.   Much of this is the result of long-term agreements with suppliers, operational efficiency, and close management of margins.

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2021: Top 5 Videos on the TelcoBridges YouTube Channel

2021 saw the production of a great many videos on the TelcoBridges YouTube channel, here are the Top 5 of the year:

#1 Tmedia for Metaswitch – a FAQ Session
#2 How to Configure FreeSBC/ProSBC for SIP Trunking
#3 Contact Center as a Service – Challenges & Success
#4 Will STIR/SHAKEN Solve the Illegal Robocall Problem?
#5 Complying with the TRACED Act – Five Things You Should Know

NEWS: TelcoBridges Announces Media Gateway Interoperability Agreement with Metaswitch

TelcoBridges has for some time been providing media gateways to service providers that operate with the Metaswitch CFS softswitch.  Check out the recent case study with HKT  where Tmedia gateways were used with CFS in a large network transformation in Hong Kong.

We are thrilled to announce that Metaswitch and TelcoBridges have entered into an interoperability agreement, furthering the integration between Tmedia gateways and Metaswitch CFS.

There is much to share about the new relationship on a new Metaswitch landing page at:

NEW PODCAST: Network Transformation at NTCA 2021

Network Transformation, the process of converting a legacy TDM network to SIP, was a hot topic at the 2021 NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association conference in Nashville. In this podcast we speak with Jim Dalton from TransNexus about STIR/SHAKEN and robocall mitigation, Dave George from NetSapiens about transitioning from older platforms to a next generation platform, Camille Issa at Alianza about why it’s important to know your Present Total Cost of Ownership before starting a network transformation and a few words from our own Alan Percy on providing disruption-free connectivity during the transition and consistent integration using SIGTRAN. Listen to the podcast here.

NTCA 2021 Fall Conference

Rural operators are the lifeblood of communications services for communities outside the large metros, serving a diverse subscriber base including farmers, bedroom communities, native American reservations, and more.   Recipients of significant investment in recent stimulus bills, the rural operators are seeing new spending for infrastructure and modernization to bring broadband internet and voice services across America.

TelcoBridges will be participating in this year’s NTCA 2021 Fall Conference and Expo, showing a number of new solutions that are well suited for rural operations, including:

If you are planning to attend the event, be sure to stop at the TelcoBridges booth #19 in the Expo, or book an appointment for a meeting.

Need another reason to stop by?  We’re holding a drawing for a Weber Q 1200 portable grill, perfect for the upcoming tailgating season!   Stop by to enter!

The NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is building a better broadband future for rural America. Proudly representing nearly 850 independent, family-owned and community-based telecommunications companies, NTCA’s members build and deliver broadband connectivity and operate essential services in rural and small-town communities across the U.S.

More on the event:

“STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t know the intent of the caller”

“STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t know the intent of the caller,” says TelcoBridges CMO Alan Percy in this Telecom Reseller / Cloud Communications Alliance podcast, “The piece that’s missing is knowing the intent of the caller, the pattern of the caller, and then dealing with a fraudulent caller. Knowing what to do with it.” And that, says Percy, has to do with analytics. In the podcast we learn how TelcoBridges and YouMail have teamed up to cover what Percy describes as the last step in putting together an illegal robocall strategy. YouMail comes to the table with direct experience in protecting consumers, specific classes of companies and carriers from robocall abuse. Listen to the full podcast here.

A new episode from Telecom Reseller is live 🥳

TelcoBridges CMO Alan Percy was recently a guest on the Telecom Reseller Podcast to discuss how our virtual session border controller ProSBC has helped remote location connectivity and business continuity services provider X2nSat ensure its business continuity via streamlined satellite communications.

In this podcast Alan outlines why X2nSat made their choice. ProSBC significantly increases the efficiency of limited satellite bandwidth, for voice compression, for transcoding, satellite traffic must be un-compressed before it is handed off to SIP trunk providers, and ProSBC’s voice transcoding capabilities are well-suited to this task, plus ProSBC’s Label Routing capabilities can route traffic from hundreds of simultaneous subscribers to different SIP trunk providers in a streamlined fashion. The ProSBC is easy to install, configure and this has helped X2nSat simplify the process of provisioning new customers. In terms of support, where X2nSat’s team quickly learned how to leverage ProSBC’s label routing and transcoding capabilities from TelcoBridges’ extensive online training programs.