NEW PODCAST: Network Transformation at NTCA 2021

Network Transformation, the process of converting a legacy TDM network to SIP, was a hot topic at the 2021 NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association conference in Nashville. In this podcast we speak with Jim Dalton from TransNexus about STIR/SHAKEN and robocall mitigation, Dave George from NetSapiens about transitioning from older platforms to a next generation platform, Camille Issa at Alianza about why it’s important to know your Present Total Cost of Ownership before starting a network transformation and a few words from our own Alan Percy on providing disruption-free connectivity during the transition and consistent integration using SIGTRAN. Listen to the podcast here.

NEW CCA PODCAST: TelcoBridges well positioned to help partners succeed

TelcoBridges’ CMO Alan Percy recently spoke with Telecom Reseller about how 2020 accelerated already in place trends and how he expects 2021 to be a year of opportunity for cloud community. Percy notes that TelcoBridges, having already embraced a cloud model was in a good position to take on 2020 and is at an even better place to experience new successes in 2021. The podcast available now for listening here. Thank you Cloud Communications Alliance and Telecom Reseller for the opportunity to share our cloud software story!

Telecom Disruptors podcast: the evolution (and future) of open source communications with James Body

On our latest TelecomDisruptors podcast we speak with James Body, Chief Executive Officer at Telet Research. In this episode, we ride along with James as we talk about the evolution of open source communications and dodge traffic headed to London’s Heathrow Airport. James is a pillar in the open source community, sharing some of his backstory with a look to the future of communications. Listen in at:

Telecom Disruptors podcast: the future of STIR/SHAKEN and enabling new rich-media communications with Chris Wendt

On our latest TelecomDisruptors podcast we speak with Chris Wendt, Director of IP Comms and RTC Solutions at Comcast, and a major contributor to the STIR/SHAKEN framework now mandated by the TRACED Act. In this episode, Chris shares how he and Comcast got involved in the process and the role of STIR/SHAKEN in stemming the tide of illegal robocalls. Chris also shares his vision for the future for STIR/SHAKEN, enabling new rich-media communications. Listen in at:

How did we get here?

by Alan Percy, TelcoBridges

Here we are in 2019:

  • Our kids don’t know how to use a rotary phone or what long-distance calling means
  • More than 40% of international telephone calls are completed via Skype
  • Whatsapp dominates the international mobile-to-mobile calling market
  • “Facetiming” someone has nothing to do with actually being in the same room
  • Nearly all NEW telecommunications equipment and software sales depend on an IP-based infrastructure.

What happened?  Our legacy telecommunications industry has been disrupted!

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The State of Robocalling – a discussion with Eric Burger, FCC

by Harry Wakefield, Marketing Communications, TelcoBridges

TelcoBridges executives were in Chicago this week for the 2018 IIT RTC Conference and Expo. Our own Alan Percy sat down and recorded a podcast with FCC Chief Technology Officer Eric Burger, discussing one of our favourite subjects, robocalling fraud and actions the FCC is taking to protect consumers.

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