ProSBC+ Introduction and Portfolio Changes

This week we announced ProSBC+ and our new restructured SBC product portfolio.

ProSBC+ expands TelcoBridges’ SBC portfolio by bundling high-availability features and 24/7 support services, as often required by service providers.

With the addition of ProSBC+, the SBC product portfolio has been restructured and now includes:

    • FreeSBC – a mix of session border controller features and capabilities ideal for educational, start-up, and open-source use cases. FreeSBC supports up to 50 sessions, 5 NAPs and includes access to on-line wiki, forum, and community support.  FreeSBC remains FREE, allowing up to three licenses per customer.
    • ProSBC – a feature rich session border controller for business and small service provider use cases that do not need high-availability features. ProSBC scales from 500 to 60,000 session (platform dependent), includes with one license (no +1) and access to TelcoBridges support on a 9×5 basis, along with the other on-line resources.  ProSBC remains at $1/session with a minimum purchase of $500/license.
    • ProSBC+ – is targeted at mid-to larger service providers, adding a license for a +1 high-availability instance and includes enhanced 24/7 support. ProSBC+ is $2/session with a minimum purchase of $1,000/license pair.

While studying the SBC market, we have determined that the majority of our competitors charge for +1 licenses, frequently at full price.  We felt that bundling a +1 license with 24/7 support would meet most our customer’s needs for High Availability features with commensurate support services.

Customers that are currently under long-term purchase contracts will not be impacted until the expiration/renewal of their contract.  Consult with your account manager at for more information.

For a full comparison of available TelcoBridges SBC products, visit