Sneak Peek: The TelcoBridges Customer Dashboard

We have some exciting news for you this month!

Introducing the TelcoBridges Customer Dashboard – a completely new system for ordering, renewing, and managing TelcoBridges ProSBC licenses and Tmedia support plans.

TB Customer Dashboard ScreenshotWhen talking with our customers about their needs and wishes, one topic came up over-and-over: make it easier to purchase and manage software licenses and support plans. To address these needs, the TelcoBridges development team has been quietly working on a new web-based dashboard that completely re-works the customer ordering/renewal experience.

Here’s what you need to know about the Customer Dashboard:

    • Every customer will need at least one password-protected account on the Dashboard
    • Customers will manage all their SBC licenses and Tmedia service plans from one screen
    • The Dashboard will handle license/service plan renewals, additions, upgrades, and terminations
    • Renewal dates can now be adjusted, allowing customers with multiple licenses/service plans to align their renewal dates
    • Allows for complex orders, mixing products, features, and support plans
    • The Dashboard will also be managing renewal reminders and expiration notices
    • Integrates with our on-line payment system
    • In the future, we plan to offer optional Auto-renew licenses
    • And, it is provided at no cost

TelcoBridges will begin moving customers to the new dashboard within the next month. As each customer is migrated, the lead contact will receive an email with detailed instructions on setting up their account and password. Once logged in, you will find a list of the active licenses and support plans associated with your account.

Preliminary documentation and step-by-step instructions are now available on the TBwiki at:

We’re excited to get your feedback on the new Customer Dashboard and hope to continue enhancing your customer experience – watch for more on this exciting news!