log4j vulnerability – is it a Risk?

by Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

Plenty of questions this last week about the log4j vulnerability and whether there is any risk within TelcoBridges ProSBC or Tmedia products.

In summary: TelcoBridges does not use log4j in our products and thus are not vulnerable to intrusion attacks through log4j.

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NEW PODCAST: Integrating TelcoBridges Media Gateways with Metaswitch – with Alan Percy

Award Consulting has just published a new podcast episode featuring an interview with TelcoBridges CMO Alan Percy wherein they discuss:

1) the recent announcement of a partnership between TelcoBridges and Metaswitch,
2) TelcoBridges’ unusual approach of focusing on specific products, rather than trying to do everything,
3) Why a partnership between Metaswitch and TelcoBridges is good for TelcoBridges, for Metaswitch, and for their mutual customers,
4) and if telcos should be concerned about having too many vendors in their network

Listen to the podcast here.

After 8 Years – Price Increases are Coming

by Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

Tmedia Price TagOne unique attribute of TelcoBridges is that the company has been able to keep the price of Tmedia products stable for over 8 years.   Much of this is the result of long-term agreements with suppliers, operational efficiency, and close management of margins.

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2021: Top 5 Videos on the TelcoBridges YouTube Channel

2021 saw the production of a great many videos on the TelcoBridges YouTube channel, here are the Top 5 of the year:

#1 Tmedia for Metaswitch – a FAQ Session
#2 How to Configure FreeSBC/ProSBC for SIP Trunking
#3 Contact Center as a Service – Challenges & Success
#4 Will STIR/SHAKEN Solve the Illegal Robocall Problem?
#5 Complying with the TRACED Act – Five Things You Should Know