A new episode from Telecom Reseller is live 🥳

TelcoBridges CMO Alan Percy was recently a guest on the Telecom Reseller Podcast to discuss how our virtual session border controller ProSBC has helped remote location connectivity and business continuity services provider X2nSat ensure its business continuity via streamlined satellite communications.

In this podcast Alan outlines why X2nSat made their choice. ProSBC significantly increases the efficiency of limited satellite bandwidth, for voice compression, for transcoding, satellite traffic must be un-compressed before it is handed off to SIP trunk providers, and ProSBC’s voice transcoding capabilities are well-suited to this task, plus ProSBC’s Label Routing capabilities can route traffic from hundreds of simultaneous subscribers to different SIP trunk providers in a streamlined fashion. The ProSBC is easy to install, configure and this has helped X2nSat simplify the process of provisioning new customers. In terms of support, where X2nSat’s team quickly learned how to leverage ProSBC’s label routing and transcoding capabilities from TelcoBridges’ extensive online training programs.