Contact Center Agents

Robocall Mitigation for the Contact Center

By Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

The network manager for a large retail chain (who asked to remain anonymous), came to us with a problem.  His agents at an inbound call center were wasting time answering calls from illegal robocallers and it was costing him dearly.  He was looking for a means to reduce, if not eliminate, the robocalls altogether.  In this case, the contact center was responsible for taking product orders, so the agents valuable time was wasting fielding calls rather than facilitating purchase fulfillment.

Contact Center Agents

Besides the opportunity cost of not processing customer orders, we wondered, what are the hard costs associated with illegal robocalls to inbound contact centers?

Time to put pencil to paper:

    • With 500 contact center agents
    • If each agent receives three unwanted robocalls per hour
    • Each call takes two minutes to answer, realize it’s a robo call, disconnect and get back into queue
    • That equates to six minutes per agent per hour
    • With 500 agents this is 3,000 minutes of lost time per hour
    • With an 8 hour workday, there is 24,000 wasted minutes or 400 hours per day
    • This scenario involves a $15/hour wage for call center staff
    • This results in $6,000 per day hard cost in terms of wasted time dealing with robocalls

Every situation is different, but the model clearly points to a substantial lost productivity cost.

Going back to our contact center manager: he could have placed an IVR menu as a front-end to the contact center, asking callers to navigate a menu to reach the sales agents, but would have introduced friction into customer communications, cutting into his business.  He wanted to maintain the personalized experience in which his clientele has grown accustomed to receiving.

This is an ideal situation for a robocall mitigation solution for contact centers with ProSBC and YouMail, our partner that specializes in detecting and eliminating unwanted robocalls.   By putting ProSBC in the call path, integrated with YouMail’s spam detection, the solution significantly reduces the number of illegal robocalls, saving thousands in the above scenario.

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