New Release

New ProSBC 3.1.117 Now Generally Available

New ReleaseIn life, there are only two certainties:

    1. Taxes, and
    2. There is a New Version of Software.

We’re pleased to share the news that FreeSBC and ProSBC now have a new Generally Available version of software:  Release 3.1.117   This version is a culmination of many days of hard work by our development team, adding a number of new features and bug fixes that have been addressed over the last few months.

New features since the last GA release of FreeSBC and ProSBC: (* Indicates a ProSBC Only Feature)

    • Added features to make AWS deployments easier to migrate/move
    • YouMail Robocall Protection API integration, enabling robocall mitigation for service providers and enterprises *
    • Addition of SIP Emergency Call Handling, allowing reservation of sessions for emergency service usage
    • Improved HA to make switchover more reliable *
    • Augmented RADIUS CDR attributes and authorization responses *
    • Increased the number of supported cyphers *
    • Enhanced the SNMP trap messages *
    • Extended support for FQDN in SIP messages and with ENUM
    • Added User-to-User Forward feature
    • Added support to pass P-Asserted Identity in 3XX messages
    • Added trans-crypting feature, allowing RTP to sRTP media conversion *

Plus dozens of other smaller software corrections.   If you have an account on the FreeSBC Forum, you can view the release notes and download the firmware from:

Also, a reminder that to use this software, a new license must be downloaded from the TB License Server at:

Questions about the release?  Contact