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Updated Support Services

by Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

Since the founding of TelcoBridges in 2002, a priority has always been to make sure customers get the support services needed to be successful.   This theme lives on today and is one of the key competitive differentiators for TelcoBridges.  We frequently hear wonderful compliments about TelcoBridges support and the people that deliver the support.

Support Graphic

As TelcoBridges product portfolio has expanded and the business has grown, the support service offerings must also adapt.   In the last few years, TelcoBridges has invested in new support staff and infrastructure, including:

    • Addition of a support staff covering EMEA based in Turkey
    • Additional support for the APAC region based in Bangladesh
    • Reworked support lab with remote access
    • Enhanced trouble ticket tracking and resolution prioritization tools

Meanwhile, the company had not adjusted the pricing for hourly support services in nearly 10 years.

As a result, TelcoBridges has decided that the menu of support services and associated cost structure was due for an update.

Beginning May 1st 2021, a new TelcoBridges Support Services offering will take effect, applicable to all new product purchases and/or support service contracts.  For those customers with existing support contracts, those contracts are grandfathered until the end of their term (typically one year).

A quick summary of the new support services is based on three broad categories:

    1. ProSBC support and licenses – includes ProSBC software licenses and either 9×5 or 24×7 standard support, with annual subscription pricing on a per-session cost.
    2. Hardware product support – includes software and hardware support for hardware products, available as 9×5 for 24×7, charged on an annual fee based on a percentage of purchase price.
    3. Professional Services – additional services during 9×5 or 24×7 times, including custom product training services, based on an hourly rate, and sold in banks.

The complete TelcoBridges Support Services schedule is available at:

We feel confident that the revised support options will allow TelcoBridges to provide the support services needed for our customers to be successful, facilitate their continued growth, and build on our excellent reputation for quality.

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