Network Transformation – Five Key Considerations

By Alan Percy, CMO @TelcoBridges

As service providers begin planning their transition from aging and often end-of-life network equipment, there are many considerations that must be included in the decision process.  After many discussions with service providers in transition, we have distilled their thoughts down to five key considerations that should be raised when making vendor selections:

  1. Does the business model of my vendors fit my growth plan?

Compare the licensing plans for various network elements.  There should be an alignment of the vendor plans with your subscriber growth plans, expected revenue, operating and licensing costs. As an example, both netsapiens and TelcoBridges have taken the same approach for pricing their software products, charging by the simultaneous call session, not by the seat or subscriber.  This alignment makes planning for growth much less complex and more profitable.

  1. Are the software and hardware elements reliable?

Subscriber expectations for service availability are very high.  Will the software and hardware elements under consideration meet these expectations?   TelcoBridges’ Tmedia™ VoIP media gateways are widely recognized as one of the most reliable and stable in the industry, boasting over five nines (99.999%) availability.   TelcoBridges’ ProSBC includes a 1+1 HA architecture and license with every ProSBC subscription.

  1. Is the new solution being considered a springboard to net new business?

The offer should first replace the existing services, and then offer additional services that subscribers would find valuable, worthy of increasing their spending.   Optional UCaaS and CCaaS services, work from home, conferencing, toll fraud protection and other services present opportunities for business growth.

  1. Will the vendors I select be able to grow with me and not compete with me?

The many telecom vendor mergers and acquisitions over the last two years should be a consideration when making vendor selections.   The vendors under consideration should have a clear roadmap that aligns with your growth, not a path that has them becoming a competitor to your business.

  1. What level of disruption will my subscribers withstand during the transition?

Subscribers have many options for communications services and the smallest disruption to their business tends to send them on a shopping expedition, looking for alternatives.   As one of our customers shared during their network transformation “If you must make a change to the central office switch, it is imperative that it is nearly invisible to the subscriber”.   The new services must emulate the old, eliminate truck rolls and minimize any CPE replacements.

These considerations are the foundation of the Network Transformation strategy that TelcoBridges and our alliance partner, netsapiens, have developed together.   We feel this strategy gives service providers with aging and end-of-life equipment a great opportunity to transition their existing subscribers to a modern cloud-based architecture, ready for the new services and growth in the future.

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