Remote Working: Get rid of your VPN and use an SBC by Dan Jenkins

Thanks for the mention! Nimble Ape Founder/CEO and CommCon Organiser Dan Jenkins has written an article titled “Remote Working: Get rid of your VPN and use an SBC” arguing for the use of an SBC over a VPN for remote working. Says Dan,

Now, while I don’t disagree that VPNs have a place and that not everything can be available publicly on the internet in all the different industries these technologies are used; I do think it’s high time that businesses started to look at whether phone systems should be openly available to all those who need them in todays society of remote working wherever you are in the world. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth either.

The simplest solution here is what we call an SBC – a Session Border Controller; and we can either make our own SBC using Open Source software or buy one in from a commercial entity… Now, I don’t have much experience with commercial SBCs other than I know they exist from the major players as well as some players you might now have heard of like Telcobridges with their ProSBC product.

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