Telecom Disruptors podcast: the evolution (and future) of open source communications with James Body

On our latest TelecomDisruptors podcast we speak with James Body, Chief Executive Officer at Telet Research. In this episode, we ride along with James as we talk about the evolution of open source communications and dodge traffic headed to London’s Heathrow Airport. James is a pillar in the open source community, sharing some of his backstory with a look to the future of communications. Listen in at:

ProSBC/FreeSBC training this February 10 & 11 in Fort Lauderdale

Harness the power of our ProSBC/FreeSBC session border controller with training this February 10 & 11 at General Provision FATVillage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! This 2-day course covers major topics like SBC concepts, installation, configuration, monitoring, restful API, troubleshooting + more! Register here.

Telecom Disruptors podcast: the future of STIR/SHAKEN and enabling new rich-media communications with Chris Wendt

On our latest TelecomDisruptors podcast we speak with Chris Wendt, Director of IP Comms and RTC Solutions at Comcast, and a major contributor to the STIR/SHAKEN framework now mandated by the TRACED Act. In this episode, Chris shares how he and Comcast got involved in the process and the role of STIR/SHAKEN in stemming the tide of illegal robocalls. Chris also shares his vision for the future for STIR/SHAKEN, enabling new rich-media communications. Listen in at: