Marking a FreeSBC milestone and Introducing ProSBC

By Alan Percy, Product Marketing

This week, TelcoBridges’ staff and friends celebrated a big milestone for the company and some big news about a new offering that is on the way.

The milestone we celebrated was delivering our 10,000,000th session download of FreeSBC.  What started in October of 2017 to enter the crowded SBC software market and fill a market gap with a pay-as-you-grow business model, FreeSBC was intentionally positioned as a disruptive offering.   

For years I have been hearing from various cloud-based application startups that buying an SBC as a CAPEX would not fit their business model – they needed a pay-as-you-grow offering that would scale as their subscriber base grew.    By offering FreeSBC with an optional subscription for enhanced features and support model, we were able to help hundreds of emerging new businesses build their infrastructure and launch their new ventures.

Reaching the 10,000,000 session milestone was a good excuse for a party! Bringing the developers and other TelcoBridges staff together for an evening of celebration with a decorated cake, some international beer tasting and fierce competition at the game tables.

The big news is the announcement of ProSBC, a big next step up in SBC functionality and features.  Based on the foundation of FreeSBC and encompassing the many suggestions from our community of FreeSBC users, ProSBC will add:

  • Encryption Pak – with support for SIP over TLS, SRTP Relay and SRTP/RTP encryption/decryption. Required for many of the Unified Communications and contact center applications, the Encryption Pak will open up many new enterprise and hosted applications to TelcoBridges.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure – a competitor to Amazon’s cloud platform, Azure offers an alternative hosting environment for service providers and enterprises, providing the compute, storage and connectivity resources for complex communications applications. By validating ProSBC for use on Azure, customers will be able to protect and scale their applications in the cloud.
  • Stand-alone-survivability (SAS) – essentially a small SIP Proxy, SAS allows client devices (IP phones) that have registered with a hosted PBX application to continue basic operation in cases where WAN outages would isolate the clients from the application. Facilitating required E911 and emergency calling for enterprises, SAS makes workplaces safer during natural disasters.

Other features on the roadmap include:

  • Further enhancements to the High Availability features of ProSBC, allowing for faster recovery from equipment or network outages.
  • Enhanced call recording features to enable AI applications and contact center recording with SIPREC.

Currently in Beta testing, PRoSBC is expected to generally available by July 2019.  If you’d like to get in on the Beta testing, take a moment to complete the Beta application form.