Will the Edge Eat the Cloud?

By Alan Percy, TelcoBridges

An Interesting keynote this week from Fortinet’s CEO, Ken Xie sharing that we’re entering the fourth stage of network evolution, requiring greater intelligence closer to the edge. Xie predicts that the next round of major innovations will be at the edge.  We agree. Continue reading Will the Edge Eat the Cloud?

Entering the Era of Cognitive Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019

by Alan Percy, TelcoBridges

For a show that started many years ago focused on PBXs and enterprise telephony, things sure have changed at Enterprise Connect.

Collaboration Developments – Probably the biggest take away from the annual enterprise communications event is the increasing penetration of cloud-based web collaboration and the introduction to AI-powered cognitive capabilities.   We’ve had auto-focus on cameras and automatic pan and crop for a few years, but the makers of web conferencing used the event to show some huge leaps forward:

Microsoft Teams Gets Smart – Lori Wright’s keynote demonstrated new AI capabilities in Microsoft Teams that drew audible gasps from the audience with a feature that allow conference participants to see through presenters and see whiteboard content that would otherwise be hidden.  Other features included using proximity to automatically detect meeting organizers entering rooms, background image replacement and real-time translating / transcribing of live events. All are important new capabilities that will be built-in to enterprise Office365 subscriptions and accelerate adoption from Skype for Business and other competitive platforms. Continue reading Entering the Era of Cognitive Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019


No topic has generated as much interest, consumer complaints, and coordinated technical hurdles in telecommunications as the problem with illegal robocalling and the associated fraud. We were astounded by the response to our “How To” webinar held in February, by far the most registrations, attendees and questions. With more than 137 questions in the queue at the end of the session, we thought it best to organize a follow-up, taking time to analyze the list of questions and come up with a TOP 10 FAQ. Thanks for joining us as we work through the STIR/SHAKE Frequently Asked questions!

Continue reading STIR-SHAKEN Top 10 FAQ Video

Can I use an SBC to perform load balancing? FAQ #6 of 10

Here’s question #6 from our “Session Border Controllers – TOP 10 FAQ” webinar, the 10 most frequently asked questions about SBCs. This video asks and answers the question can I use an SBC to perform load balancing?

Watch the full TOP 10 FAQ video here: https://youtu.be/f3JTrz0dcr8