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TelcoBridges and Jerasoft – Connecting at ITW 2018

by Alan Percy, Senior Director of Product Marketing

Leading communication service providers depend on cloud-based and virtualized software to deliver services to their customers.  Like building blocks in a building foundation, communications software products fit together, creating an inter-locking base for reliable and profitable services. During the upcoming ITW event in Chicago (May 6-9th), CSPs have an opportunity to see the latest innovations in software solutions and learn how the various communications system building blocks fit together.

In preparation for the upcoming ITW event, I checked in with Andrii Zinchenko, Chief Technical Officer at JeraSoft, a leading software development company and TelcoBridges Alliance Partner since June 2017.  With offices in the UK and in Ukraine, Jerasoft provides cost-effective billing solutions for service providers with a “customer first” approach.    Jerasoft helps CSPs, mobile and business telecommunications operators automate their billing, rating, routing and provisioning processes.

“A critical part of reliable billing solutions depends on accurate call detail records from media gateways and session border controllers”, notes Andri “This is where the partnership with TelcoBridges comes to play and is so important”

In CSP networks, TelcoBridges’ media gateways and session border controller solutions provide connectivity and yield call detail records (CDRs).   The CDR information then drives the rating and billing systems that Jerasoft offers to CSPs.   Without this chain of information, it would be impossible to accurately track and charge customers for their network usage.   A critical link in the business process of every service provider.

JeraSoft recently announced the release of a new version of its multifunctional billing software, Jerasoft VCS 3.16. This version includes a wide range of functional improvements and provides users with many new and refined features. Major VCS 3.16 updates are focused on flexibility of traffic manipulation and expansion of reporting.

As part of the announcement, Andrii says, “With this new version, we keep granting higher flexibility of our billing system. Therefore, with each new version, we give customers more and more opportunities to adopt system functionality to the sophisticated needs of each department, working with the billing platform. We continue focusing on making the system even more personalized, as well as user-friendly.”

A more recent innovation by Jerasoft adds billing for Internet of Things (IoT) services, a fast-growing segment of the market.

With the recent launches of TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC and Jerasoft VCS, service providers now have a powerful combination of network security and billing for voice and IoT services.

To learn more about how TelcoBridges SBCs and Jerasoft VCS work together, book a meeting with us during ITW at:   Jerasoft will be hosting demonstrations in booth #1032 during exhibit hours.  More on ITW can be found at: